Jack of all Trades / Master of One

Extensive electives to build your niche, or build to be a holistic dancer.

Individual Courses are 6-week long street dance courses that focus on a specific aspect of the dance genre. These courses run quarterly throughout the year and serve as an elective for students in the Residential Dance Programme (RDP) to take should they want to elevate a certain aspect of their craft.
Individual courses can be described as niche classes and are taught by our esteemed faculty members who have excelled in these particular aspects. These courses are also open to the non-RDP students.
Individual Courses are also included in the RDP report book that is given if the student is part of the Residential Dance Programme.


Artistate Individual Courses Faculty dance poses

Hip Hop Individual Courses

Isolations in Hip Hop Freestyle

7 October – 11 November

Highlights and Combos in Hip Hop Freestyle

12 October – 16 November

Hip Hop Foundation Drills 1.5

18 October – 6 December

Breaking Individual Courses

Footwork Patterns

10 October – 14 November

Powermoves Level 1 and 1.5

10 October – 14 November

Breaking Fundamentals Refresher

19 October – 23 November

BGirl Level 2

20 October – 24 November

House Individual Courses

Introduction to House

14 October – 18 November