Residential Dance Programme


The Residential Dance Programme (RDP) is Artistate’s core programme built for its in-house students. The RDP is made of different levels for students to grow progressively, with each level of the programme running for an academic year (full year). The RDP consists of numerous components such as:

  • Dance classes
  • Training sessions
  • Dance productions
  • Assessment reviews

and many other activities to provide students with a full education and a support system to nurture, grow and maximise the students’ potential.

The duration of each programme level spans across a full academic year.
Each academic year has 4 terms, each term spanning across 10 weeks.

Programme Objective

The main objective of the Residential Dance Programme to provide students with a progressive learning curve that gives them sufficient time to fully absorb, understand and execute the skills and knowledge imparted to them through the programme.

Inculcating the right mindset, attitude and approach towards dance is another key objective of the programme.

Through the Residential Dance Programmes, Artistate aims to build a strong and close-knit network with our students and provide platforms and avenues for our students to reach their goals and express themselves through the art form.

Levels of the Residential Dance Programme

As the RDP is a highly structured programme, it is essential that there are different levels of the programme where students are funnelled to based on their level and grasp of dance skills and knowledge on the subject.

There are 2 levels to the RDP, namely:

  • Level 1 – For students who have zero to over a year of dance experience. This level focuses on exposing students to the dance genre and its various aspects within the dance. Building the foundation and understanding basic steps, having the correct techniques are some aspects that are essential for progressing as a dancer.

  • Level 2 – For students who have 2 – 4 years of dance experience. This level focuses on the execution of advanced steps and moves within the dance. Students are taught how to engage in the creative process of creating variations and original steps unique to their craft whilst applying movements to the music and beat.

For Hip Hop, we will be having 2 levels – RDP 1 and RDP 2
Hip Hop RDP 1 Instructors: Jeremy, DeniseSamuroy, Wein
Hip Hop RDP 2 Instructors: Jeremy, Denise, James, Daniel (Flair Brothers)

For Breaking, we will be having 2 levels – RDP 1 and RDP 2
Breaking RDP Instructors: Sherman, Gerald, Jeremaya, Sean, Slim

For House, we will be having 1 level – RDP 1
House RDP Instructors: Kelvin

Benefits of the Residential Dance Programme