Kids & Teens Academy

Have you noticed your kids dancing more thanks to Tik Tok? Do you want them to learn cool moves other than those going viral on social media? Well, look no further than Artistate right here in Singapore – where we are glad to provide an array of classes for kids and teens to attend and kick-start their dance journeys. Under the guidance of our highly qualified and reputable instructors, your kids will learn to execute moves in Hip Hop and Breaking safely and to the best of their abilities.

Sign your kids up today and witness as they flourish to become the confident and slick dancers they aspire to be!

Kids Hip Hop Dance (Ages 4 - 7 & 8 - 12)

Kids Hip Hop Dance Course (4-7 y/o) and (8-12 y/o) is an introduction to Hip Hop as a style of dance. Students will be exposed to different types of Hip Hop music and dance steps to learn different locomotor skills and grow their sense of awareness physically and mentally. The course also aims to build a basic sense of rhythm, strengthen their ability to recognize different movement patterns and grow their overall confidence.

Kids & Teens Breaking
(Ages 7 - 16)

Kids Breaking Dance Course (7-16 y/o) is designed specifically for kids to grasp movements in the various areas of breaking. The course is catered for kids all around that are starting out for the first time, or are already equipped with some experience at beginner and advanced levels.

After this course, kids will be designated to different levelled programs based on their progression rates and levels.

Teens Hip Hop Dance (Ages 12 - 16)

We are providing a platform specially for teens to express themselves among peers. Teens will get to receive specially guided training by our all rounded dance instructors Denise and Jeremy! Come hone your hip hop dance skills with us!

Teens Hip Hop Dance Course (12-16 y/o) is an introduction to the Hip Hop as a style of dance. Students will be exposed to different types of Hip Hop music and dance steps. They will learn to find their identity through dancing, learn to form new bonds with people around their age group.

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Trial Classes

Unsure if our classes or our instructors are the right fit for your child? One-off trial classes are available! Try our classes out and get to know us better before signing up.