M.E.S. Programme


The M.E.S. programme (Mobility, Endurance & Strength) is a structured programme that focuses on the physical enhancement of its participants and aims to aid in the improvement of their physical capabilities, optimising their performance in the execution of dance movements. The programme offers different levels of difficulty to cater to dancers at an introductory to a professional level and is open to the students of the Residential Dance Programmes and the general public.

Mobility, Endurance and Strength Programme (MES)

by Slim & Sherman

Mobility Endurance Strength Course July August Poster

A course that promotes the development of physical attributes essential to all well-rounded breakers, the M.E.S. Programme will teach you how to prolong, maintain and enhance your dancing capabilities so you can reach peak performance.

M.E.S. Programme Schedule
7th July – 11th August 
Every Wednesday 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Join us and unleash the artistic athlete in you!