Open Classes

Open classes at Artistate are conducted weekly and are designed to help dancers improve their knowledge and technique through independent lessons. They run across multiple genres and offer everyone the chance to attend classes that fit in even the busiest of schedules. 

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Open Classes Offered

Hip Hop

Hip Hop dance is a reflection and extension of Hip Hop culture that emerged in the Bronx, New York during the 1970s. It comprises 4 key elements: Emceeing, DJ-ing, Graffiti and B-Boying. Hip Hop dance was birthed from the music of its culture, and in more recent times, has also grown due to influences from pop-culture. Join us today to learn how to groove and rock to Hip Hop music!


Litefeet is a genre of dance known for combining fast, dynamic and athletic movements with intricate tricks such as shoe tricks or hat tricks. The course teaches the basic movements and knowledge of Litefeet.


Originating in the late 70’s and early 80’s from underground clubs in Chicago and New York, House is a style of dance that emphasises foot-oriented dance steps combined with fluid torso movements.


A training class that focuses on the repetition of movements to strengthen and condition one’s body for the purposes of improving movement quality.

The Drills class strengthens basics, foundation and overall body condition of participants.

For dancers with at least 6 months of experience in any genre or have completed the Hip Hop Elementary Course.

Open Class Levels

Advanced Beginner

Individuals who possess a basic understanding of any form of street dance or have completed an introductory or elementary course and are looking to challenge themselves.


Seasoned dancers who are already equipped with strong foundational techniques and are looking to challenge themselves both physically and mentally. 

For dancers who possess at least 1 year of experience